The Milkman Returns

Utah-based Dairy Delivers Organic Products Fresh to Customers’ Doorsteps

By Jack Bulavsky, Las Vegas Review-Journal

The milkman you see driving around Summerlin these days is delivering more than just milk and butter. He has organic eggs and yogurt, cheese, preservative-free bread, meats, freshly squeezed juices, fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, cookie dough, pizza and so much more.

So, who is this super milkman who has more than 130 products available for home delivery? He is one of the Winder Farms milkmen, who have been delivering dairy products from Utah-based Winder Farms for 126 years.

“We’re a farmer’s market on wheels,” said Kent Winder, fifth-generation owner. “My staff recently told me that since 1880, when my family started the business, we have made over 87 million deliveries. We must know what we’re doing.”

Winder said business has been strong since deliveries began in Summerlin, Aug. 25. He expects to have 5,000 homes on his delivery route by the end of the year. At that point, expansion into other areas of the valley is planned.

“In Utah, people know us for our milk,” said Winder. “Here, it’s different. Customers are ordering our bread, meats, and especially our fruits and vegetables. We’re as careful about our nondairy products as we are our milk. That’s because we select products from other family owned businesses that make all-natural items without any additives. Almost all our products are organic, pesticide-free, preservative-free, or hormone-free. This is what sets us apart from other food home delivery companies.”

Winder said the milk, which comes from dairy herds grazing comfortably in Heber, Utah (near Park City), is free of artificial growth hormones. Those contented cattle are fed dry and high-moisture alfalfa hay, cotton seed, distilled and regular corn, and a full mineral package. A cow nutritionist even visits once a month. The milk is bottled in Salt Lake City and shipped to warehouses in Ogden, Orem and St. George, Utah, and North Las Vegas, before being delivered to customers.

Even though the temperature in Las Vegas was 112 on Aug. 25, Winder said heat isn’t a problem.

“We give each new customer a cooler and reusable ice pack and only ask that they place the freezer pack in the cooler before setting it out at night,” he explained. “That keeps everything cold until you take it inside.”

Getting this really fresh milk is quite simple. Customers open an account and create a standing order (the amount and variety of products to be delivered weekly). Deliveries are made once a week between midnight and 8 a.m. on Thursday or Friday. Customers can change or adjust their orders up until 8 p.m. the day before delivery. The cost for this personal grocery service, besides the items themselves, includes a one-time set-up fee of $29.95 along with a weekly $2.95 delivery charge. Deliveries are made throughout the year, except on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

“Convenience is a strong selling tool,” said Winder. “People value their time and money, and all ordering and communication can be done on the Internet. Customers have told me they are actually saving money by ordering from us because they are buying what they need and no longer buying unnecessary items on impulse while walking up and down grocery aisles.”

Winder recently moved to Las Vegas to ensure that all aspects of his company got off on the right track.

“This is like being back on the farm after a baby calf is born,” Winder said. “You take that calf and hand-feed her until she is able to take care of herself. That’s what I’ve been doing since moving here this past summer.”

Winder is looking forward to introducing Winder Farms to Henderson early next year. For more information, visit

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